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Your skin is the largest organ of the body. Its area is approximately 2 m2, weight - 3 kg, a thickness - depending on the area of the body is from 0.5 to 4 mm.

The skin consists of three layers

  • Epidermis

  • Dermis

  • The subcutaneous tissue


The main functions of the skin are:

  • receiving tactile,

  • thermoregulation,

  • protection of internal organs and tissues from harmful mechanical, physical, chemical and biological factors, (bacterial, fungal, viral, etc.),

  • absorption and excretion of various substances,

  • regulate water and electrolyte, the processing of sugars, proteins, fats and vitamins.

Did you know that in the part of your skin with a surface area of 1 cm2 is:

  • 6 million cells,

  • 5000 nerve endings,

  • 200 pain receptors,

  • 95 receptors cold and pressure points,

  • 100 sweat glands,

  • 20-40 sebaceous glands,

  • network of blood vessels with a total length of about 90 cm.

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