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The study of the facial skin with the use of a professional apparatus or cosmetic test.

We measure greasiness, level of hydration and elasticity.

We examine a possibly occurring skin problems and its intensification. The study will provide detailed information on the condition of a skin, and a selection of a biomembrane cream with active ingredients will be a act of aware decisions in terms of specific needs of your facial skin.




The study of the facial skin is held in a dedicated room.
There is only you and a person performing the test.
The atmosphere of intimacy and comfort of conversation let to know and understand your needs

Workplace 1 Workplace 2



High-quality apparatus to study facial skin Multi Skin Test Tester MC900 specifies levels of hydration, lubrication and elasticity of your skin.



The author's application is an accurate cosmetic interview, on the basis of which increase the knowledge of your facial skin and its needs, as provided by your response.

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